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Πρίγκιπας Harry-Meghan Markle: Η τρυφερή στιγμή τους που δεν παρατήρησες

Τι να πούμε πια γι’ αυτό το ζευγάρι;
Ο πρίγκιπας Harry και η Meghan Markle δεν είναι ένα royal ζευγάρι σαν όλα τα άλλα, και σίγουρα δεν μοιάζουν καθόλου με τον πρίγκιπα Williamκαι την Kate Middleton που δείχνουν κάπως απόμακροι και αυστηροί. Ο Δούκας και η Δούκισσα του Sussex δεν διστάζουν να κάνουν τρυφερότητες μεταξύ τους, ακόμη και αν τυχαίνει να τους τραβάει κάποια κάμερα.

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THE best thing about true and beautiful love is that if you fall, you fall in the knowledge that someone will catch you, if not, you at least do not fall alone. It does not matter the circumstances, there is always a shoulder to cry on. There is someone that you allow to spend the night and mornings with you… That someone you can take your clothes off, the clothes you wear around your soul 24/7 to not show the vulnerability; the weakness. Someone that hold you, while situations take your feet off the ground. Money can’t definitely not buy true love… Luck also not. I think love is just there and when it passes by you take the chance. ”I didn't have so much bad luck, I just ignored luck very often.“ ”I was lost, but now I found“. I heard a lot about Harry, and without knowing him personally, you can see his eyes were looking for someone which he could take his clothes off. And he found Meghan. When a 💔 starts to ❤️. At the beginning he was afraid to let her in, but now he will never let go. Can you imagine having someone that only want YOU to be ok? … 😊 ‘If music be the food of love, play on’ (Twelfth Night – Act 1, Scene 1) Video by Izabellafr

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